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Помогаем повышать эффективность бизнеса
с помощью Agile-практик

Date: Jan 31
Location: Exness Porto Bello
Topic: Predictability in Agile

Our complex approach

to Agile/Digital transformation

Scrum, Kanban, LeSS, SAFe, OKR, DevOps, LeanDS

We specialize in Agile approaches and more:

We help companies create the right conditions for growth without stepping on someone else's toes through training, team kick-offs, coaching, team support, tracking, and mentoring.

How we do that

Deep dive

The company will see its strengths and weaknesses and get specific and clear recommendations for further development —a roadmap for changes to improve processes in the company.

Teams training and kick-off

An extensive selection of programs, the ability to adapt to the company's specifics, and team kick-offs under the guidance of an Agile coach.

Coaching and tracking

Support for teams after launch: holding key meetings, analyzing problems, mentoring, and developing Scrum Master and Product Owner competencies.

Learning formats

Open trainings and courses:

We regularly conduct online training or in a face-to-face format. From one company, up to 10 people can participate in them.

Corporate trainings:

If you have a group of 10 to 25 people, we can conduct an adapted training exclusively for your company.

To quickly test hypotheses and create profitable products that customers will love.
To rapidly deliver IT solutions through technical excellence, flexible architecture, engineering practices and engineering culture.
To ensure the prosperity of the organization in an environment of high uncertainty due to the flexibility of goal setting, budgeting, organization structure, etc.
To organize the coordinated work of a large number of teams and businesses in a large company, quickly rebuild plans based on feedback from the client.
To improve customer satisfaction through faster, more uniform and more predictable delivery of a product or service.
To accelerate the development of complex products through teamwork, customer collaboration, creativity, iteration, continuous improvement, and more.
Business Agility
Product Management and Discovery
DevOps, Agile Architecture
Kanban Method
Agile, Scrum

Find out how we can help you

Cyprus Agile Talks -- is a place where you can share your ideas that worked, listen to others and come up with something completely new together.
With this event, we continue our regular Agile Talks meetups where we share our problems, thoughts, and stories and together create new ideas.
There will be two talks and a Lean Coffee discussion with the main idea - predictability, transparency, estimation, planning, and forecasting in Agile.

Sebastian Friedsam, Agile Coach
Estimating Uncertainty and Planning Illusions
We will discuss the basics of estimations in agile (Delphi method) and directly apply it via facilitation techniques like affinity and magic estimation. The conclusion will be spiced up with hints from the field on what to look out for when estimating and trying to create roadmaps.
Andy Panayiotou, Transformation Lead
Introduction to Disciplined Agile
Disciplined Agile (DA) is an agnostic, hybrid toolkit that harnesses the best of Agile, Lean, and traditional strategies to guide you to the best way of working (WoW) for your team or organization. The presentation will introduce the basic tenets of DA, it’s history and development, the DA mindset, the people and roles, flow and lifecycles, as well as the practices and the process-decision toolkit that help move teams forward.
Askhat Urazbaev, Agile Transformation Lead, Exness
Lean Coffee Facilitator
How to deal with predictability, transparency, estimation, planning, and forecasting in Agile? We will discuss them in an open and friendly format.
Cyprus Agile Talks
Our second meetup
Price: free
Place: Exness office
Time: 6 to 10 pm
Date: Jan 23

Training will help you

Format: In-person
When: 18-20 March
Where: Limassol
Price: 350 Euro

Knowledge of the basic principles of Agile development, terms, possible pitfalls, and additional requirements.



Differences and similarities between Agile and the classic approach to creating products.

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Get rid of myths about Agile


The main Agile approaches and the Kanban method.




The scope of the Agile approach and the business value of Agile

Our first agile training in

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